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July 23, 2006

AKA Pella Video Taken Down

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It seems that AKA Pella has taken down their controversial movie, most probably in no small part because of the comments on this blog.



July 20, 2006

Shabbos Nachamu Concert(s)

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Concert Poster

I received this poster from JE Magazine. Doesn’t the Monticello Shabbos Nachamu concert usually feature Avraham Fried?

Receiving this poster made me wonder: what other Shabbos Nachamu concerts are there?

I received this poster from an anonymous source:

This is usually the concert with Avraham Fried. Information of Chaim Muhlbauer (who?) here.
Looks like it’s a battle between Neginah and Neshoma.

July 17, 2006

Free Acapella Music!

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Sameach Music is offering a free download of AKA Pella’s Umacha. Review coming shortly.

Also available is a free download of the Acapella version of We Stand As One. I can’t think of a more appropriate time for this song.

July 13, 2006

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July 10, 2006

Links and Other News 7/10/06

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Lior Gabay’s has some interesting clips of different artists, as well as the debut of his Jewish music online show, the Jewish Music Insider. The website design needs a lot of work – for example, in order to click on a link you can’t just click on the picture, you have to click on the words below the picture. The site also uses frames, so you can’t link directly to pages other than the home page.

I felt the most interesting interview was with Gad Elbaz, because he actually has a personality and a story behind his music. The other people interviewed were Nachman Seltzer (who?) and Udi Ulman. The show seemed to be focused around musicians based in Israel.

The site also has various clips of other artists, but beware, you’ll have to sit through a 30 second advertisement from the “sponsor” – Lior’s brother Dovid Gabay.

In other news, I recently played at a small concert with Eitan Katz. His style is very Carlebach like, and the instumentation was very simple – piano/bass, percussion and flute/saxophone. It was a different style of music than I’m used to playing, but we had a good time and made some good, inspiring music.

The most difficult part for me as a musician was the fact that we didn’t have sheet music in front of us, except for one song. It was difficult not because I didn’t know the tunes, but because I didn’t know the chord changes that Eitan played behind the tunes. I quickly picked up on his changes, but there were times where I couldn’t hear his guitar very well, and I hoped I was playing the same changes as he was.

July 6, 2006

Some Really Good Imitations

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Pinchos Vorst e-mailed me about his Jewish singer imitations page, and at first I was skeptical. But after I listened to some of these imitations, I was blown away, and even got a couple of laughs out of it.

Pinchos manages to change the tone of his voice and comes really close to sounding like the original. Even if his voice doesn’t sound exactly like the original, his inflections are right on. I also like how Pinchos creatively exaggerated qualities of singers which made it humorous.

June 27, 2006

Links 6/27/06

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Here are some clips of an MBD, Avraham Fried and Yeedle concert in Manchester, England. The captions are quite insightful.

Here is yet another version of Niggun Neshoma. Although I don’t know who’s singing or who’s playing, I am 99.9% sure that it was arranged by Ron Tichon, based on the style of arrangement and sounds used.
(HT life-of-rubin)

Towncrier has a cute Apprentice related video and asks if this is a Miami Boys Choir song.

June 13, 2006


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I’m in the process of reviewing Yossi and Yerachmiel, Yehuda – Generations of Song, and Sruli Ginsberg. Hopefully I’ll have the first review posted sometime this week.

May 22, 2006

David Ross Concert

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David Ross will be having a concert this Thursday May 25th at Makor.

From the e-mail:

David Ross, the hottest new talent in Jewish music today, will be appearing at Makor this Thursday night! After singing with groups like Kol Zimra, Beat’achon and the Hamsa Boys, and performing with top orchestras like Neshoma, Negina, BaRock and Symphonia for years, David Ross’ solo career has recently taken center stage. This is a concert event you will not want to miss!

The e-mail included a preview song, and Ross blends many different pop styles with few effects, while tending to stay away from hard rock.

May 18, 2006

Upcoming Albums

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Sameach released a new podcast today, and the 60 minute podcast previewed 6 new albums. Here’s a quick rundown:

First off is the album Uz Yevakeh sung by Sruli Ginsberg. The song previewed is entitled Heimah and is composed by Lipa Schmeltzer. Heimah has a freilach-then-rock groove, and the energy steps up for the rock. The B section melody uses 8th note anticipations, which adds to the groove and makes it more energetic. Sruli Ginsberg’s voice is pretty standard, but he adds the proper amount of energy for the song, and the Cher effect is used tastefully on his voice.

Next comes the song Tiferes off the album A Time and Place sung by Yossi Rotbard and Yerachmiel Ziegler. Tiferes is a catchy slow rock song, with a unique arrangment and great groove. It also uses a nice blend of electronic effects and acoustic instruments. The harmonies are all appropriate and well done. I am a big fan of Yerachmiel’s voice, and he works very well with Yossi. I can’t wait to hear the rest of this album.

Third is the title song off of the album VeHakohanim sung by Shlomo Katz, the brother of Eitan Katz. The song is arranged in a very simple quasi-Carlebach style. Katz has a very unprofessional voice, and I don’t think it’s enough to propel the song through the simple acoustic guitar-centric arrangement.

Siman Tov Mazel Tov is a wedding compilation album, and it features 75 songs in 2 CDs. The 9 vocalists are: Ron Ben-Chaim, Yoel Sharabi, Shlomo Chaviv, Meir Sherman, Avner Levy, Sandy Shmueli, Ari Pollack, Gershon Veroba and Avrami Weisberger. I think the concept behind the album is excellent – have one album with all the popular wedding songs so people can choose songs for their wedding or just enjoy commonly played wedding songs. The main key to this album will be the songs chosen.

The next new album is Koili El Hashem, produced by Dudi Kalish and Moshe Schwartz with vocalist Yaakov Daskal. Koili is an uninspiring song, even though the arrangers have some creative ideas such as clavinet funk and latin. The groove itself is very yeshivish, and Daskal’s vocals don’t have much energy.

Last, we have the title track Yogati from Yacov Young‘s album. The music uses the standard yeshivish sound, and Lamm’s arrangements are all over it. The disco Yogati has the potential to become popular at weddings. Although the drums have a more live, less compressed feel, Rick Cutler’s drumming is very simple and rigid. The also-stiff bass on the high part makes heavy use of the on-beats, which is a little disconcerting and subtracts from the groove.

All these albums will be released within the next two weeks.

Also, Avraham Fried will be releasing his next album called “Father Don’t Cry” around June.

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