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July 23, 2006

AKA Pella Video Taken Down

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It seems that AKA Pella has taken down their controversial movie, most probably in no small part because of the comments on this blog.



July 20, 2006

Shabbos Nachamu Concert(s)

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Concert Poster

I received this poster from JE Magazine. Doesn’t the Monticello Shabbos Nachamu concert usually feature Avraham Fried?

Receiving this poster made me wonder: what other Shabbos Nachamu concerts are there?

I received this poster from an anonymous source:

This is usually the concert with Avraham Fried. Information of Chaim Muhlbauer (who?) here.
Looks like it’s a battle between Neginah and Neshoma.

July 17, 2006

AKA Pella Umacha – Review

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Just in time for the 3 weeks, AKA Pella released a single Umacha, which is available as a free download from Sameach Music here. The arrangement style is very similar to the album Premium Blend, with vocal drums, bass, and distortion guitar (my review here). Unlike the album though, this song uses rhythm distortion guitar extensively. Often when distortion guitar is used, vocals mixed to little more than a sine wave are used to compliment the guitar, which sounds excellent. This track doesn’t sound as polished as the Premium Blend tracks, but they still did a very good job. For example, the main vocal on the first high part at 1:35 sounds very nasal, and at 2:17 and 3:36 the distortion guitar on the minor I chord sounds muffled and too distorted. Also, the beginning of the song has very low background oohs, so if you wanted to listen to this track in a car, you would constantly have to adjust the volume. But, these things are very minor and the track overall is excellent. As always, although the lyrics are in line with the 3 weeks, the arrangement may be a little too good.

The song Umacha is from Yehuda!’s album Oh Yerushalayim. The low part of the song is actually a Chris de Burgh song called the The Snows of New York. CD Eichler sent me the jacket to the album which states that the track is arranged by CD Eichler, Yossi Rotbard, from Yossi and Yerachmiel, as well as Ed Boyer. Additional harmonies were arranged by Mo Kiss and Ed Boyer, and the featured vocalists on this track are Elie Ganz, CD Eichler and Yoel Horowitz.

Updates 7/19/06: AKA Pella has an additional website located at which features a new video for the single. The video has background music, but is in much better taste than the previous video.

Commenters to this post have pointed out that Umacha is based around the Scorpion song Wind of Change. The intro, bridge and final interlude are carefully modeled after this song.

Update 7/21/06: It seems that AKA Pella has taken down their controversial video, most probably in no small part because of the comments on this blog.

Free Acapella Music!

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Sameach Music is offering a free download of AKA Pella’s Umacha. Review coming shortly.

Also available is a free download of the Acapella version of We Stand As One. I can’t think of a more appropriate time for this song.

July 13, 2006

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July 10, 2006

Links and Other News 7/10/06

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Lior Gabay’s has some interesting clips of different artists, as well as the debut of his Jewish music online show, the Jewish Music Insider. The website design needs a lot of work – for example, in order to click on a link you can’t just click on the picture, you have to click on the words below the picture. The site also uses frames, so you can’t link directly to pages other than the home page.

I felt the most interesting interview was with Gad Elbaz, because he actually has a personality and a story behind his music. The other people interviewed were Nachman Seltzer (who?) and Udi Ulman. The show seemed to be focused around musicians based in Israel.

The site also has various clips of other artists, but beware, you’ll have to sit through a 30 second advertisement from the “sponsor” – Lior’s brother Dovid Gabay.

In other news, I recently played at a small concert with Eitan Katz. His style is very Carlebach like, and the instumentation was very simple – piano/bass, percussion and flute/saxophone. It was a different style of music than I’m used to playing, but we had a good time and made some good, inspiring music.

The most difficult part for me as a musician was the fact that we didn’t have sheet music in front of us, except for one song. It was difficult not because I didn’t know the tunes, but because I didn’t know the chord changes that Eitan played behind the tunes. I quickly picked up on his changes, but there were times where I couldn’t hear his guitar very well, and I hoped I was playing the same changes as he was.

July 6, 2006

Some Really Good Imitations

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Pinchos Vorst e-mailed me about his Jewish singer imitations page, and at first I was skeptical. But after I listened to some of these imitations, I was blown away, and even got a couple of laughs out of it.

Pinchos manages to change the tone of his voice and comes really close to sounding like the original. Even if his voice doesn’t sound exactly like the original, his inflections are right on. I also like how Pinchos creatively exaggerated qualities of singers which made it humorous.

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