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May 14, 2006

Interview with Yacov Young

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I had the opportunity to interview Yacov Young who is IY’H coming with his debut album “Yogati” the week before Shavuos, the week of May 21. Cover art is available here. Sameach Music is planning on releasing a preview clip this week. (This review was conducted over Instant Messaging (IM), and all of the answers are paraphrased.)

What makes Yogati unique?
I spent a long time choosing songs that represent the message I want to convey, which is that Jewish music doesn’t have to use secular influences to be great. I tried to go back to the early days of Fried and MBD, but with modern sounds. I also tried to sing naturally on the album without using a ton of effects.

How long have you been involved with professional music?
About 5 to 6 years. Most of that has been singing at simchas with The Neginah Orchestra and has been a real pleasure. I also have some classical training, and I try add a little of that into the album as well.

Who composed the songs?
Yitzchok Rosenthal, Yossi Green, Yitzy Waldner, Pinky Weber and Elimelech Blumstein.

Yitzchok Rosenthal?
Yitzchok composed 5 songs for Yogati. This is actually the first time he’s doing anything outside of his own projects which is a real treat for me and others as well.

How did you arrange that?
Yitzchok heard me at a chuppah, and he was very impressed. When I was choosing songs for the album I called him up and he said that although he normally doesn’t give out songs to albums outside his own, he made an exception for me, and I am honored and privileged to sing his heartfelt tunes.

Why did you choose Yisroel Lamm to arrange?
Yisroel and I have worked together over the years in our live performances, and he is the biggest mentch. He is really the innovator who started the entire Jewish music sound that we all listen to today. Yisroel has also worked extensively with the group Shalsheles, and being I have many songs from Yitzchok it made sense to keep that Rosenthal sound. Yisroel is also famous for his string and classical arrangements, which I wanted to infuse into the album.

Were you involved creatively with the music?
I was very involved. I actually attended all of the recording sessions whether it be instrumental, choirs, mixing and mastering. Choosing the songs and words that were used was also very much in my hands with Hashem’s help of course.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?
I hope this album will add a little joy and emotion into people lives. It should inspire them to come closer to Hashem, “ivdu es hashem b’simcha”. And may we soon all sing together in the beis hamikdash hashlishi speedily in our days!

Thank you to Yacov Young for sharing your thoughts with us!!

Update 5/15/06: Sameach has posted a sampler here.
Update 5/16/06: Sameach will be debuting the entire album Yagoti this afternoon only from 3-4 via their streaming radio player. Link is here.


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