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March 19, 2006

Ari Boiangiu Rosh Ashmurot – Review

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Ari Boiangiu is a guitarist for NY’s Neshoma Orchestra and is renowned for his skill and versatility. This album sums Ari up and compacts it into 48 minutes 31 seconds.

What I like about this album is its originality, confidence, and refreshing sound. Boiangiu clearly had a purpose and direction with this album and he did a very good job at conveying it. The songs are singable and original, which is impressive considering that many of them have jazz influences. The album is arranged by both Boiangiu and Mark Fineberg, who arranged the Teva albums and also plays keys. The relatively simple instrumentation, in contrast to the complicated arrangements, consists of various guitars, Larry Steppler’s drums, Fineberg’s keys/organ and Dave Keyes’ bass. The recording and mixing is excellent – all the instruments are clearly distinguishable. The drums have a very live sound; they are not over-compressed and portray Steppler in a fresh way. The sound of this album is far from typically Jewish, but at the same time it still manages to maintain a distinctly Jewish feel.

The grooves throughout the album are in-the-pocket. Everything from Kumi’s hora, Al Naharos’ rock, to the various ballads all have well-thought out and tasteful grooves. Surprisingly this guitar-based album doesn’t seem overly rocky. Ari uses rock when necessary and not as a matter of course. Boiangiu’s versatility shines forth on every song: everything from rocking tapping solos to beautiful ballads playing is represented on this album.

Besides focusing on Ari’s guitar playing, this album also features Ari’s unique vocals. Although I don’t think Ari has the greatest voice, I applaud him for doing his thing. Ari’s vocals are energetic, in tune, and not typically Jewish.

This album is refreshing and relaxing to listen to. The songs are catchy, the grooves are moving, and the music is unique.


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  1. I liked the clips I heard kind of reminds me a bit of gershon veroba but on a guitar. Like you said however, his voice is not the greatest.

    Comment by Jewish Blogmeister — March 21, 2006 @ 10:45 am

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