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December 21, 2005

Sameach Podcast Music “Reviews”

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Sameach Music’s podcast added a new segment this week called “60 Second Music Review”. I was excited – maybe they would actually review the album, not simply advertise it.

Unfortunately, I was wrong. The 60 second “review” is no more than an advertisment for whichever album is featured, much like Country Yossi’s music “reviews”. There is not one statement of substance that is said during this 60 seconds that would give any objective person an idea of what the album is like.

Here are some quite hilarious quotes from this weeks “review” of Pi Shnayim (at 21:40 of the podcast): “Has anyone seen the ‘great hit album’ Pi Shanyim”, “It’s such an amazing album, with songs composed by ‘the great’ Yossi Green”, “The vocals are arranged and conducted by ‘the one and only’ Gideon Levine”, “It’s a great album full of great music and the vocals top it off with. . . phenomenal voices”.

This segment was recorded horribly – it was most probably recorded over the phone, and it’s very hard to hear some of the words.

Of course Sameach Music can do whatever they want with their podcast, but I feel that these “reviews” cheapen the albums by not even attempting to describe what makes them unique.

Update 12/22/05: Sameach Music informed me that the reviewer does not work for them and that their intention in having the review segment was to keep the show fresh and new and not to advertise their albums under the guise of review.


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