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August 15, 2005

Upcoming Albums

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Itsi Kleinfeld, who *sung* the song “Believe” on Ken Burgess’s album and played a small role in the production of Acapella Kumsitz, is releasing an album very soon.

In his words, “It’s directed in a more diverse way than mainstream- traditional music”. The songs are all composed and performed by Itsi, as well as partially arranged by him. Again in Itsi’s own words, “The entire album, containing approx 12 songs, has a variety [of songs], stretching from English songs to Psalms, from up-beat and driven music to ballads, from inspirational style to easy listening.”

Also, Barry Seff is releasing an album entitled “Pey Dalid”. All I know about this so far is that it will be released within the next couple of weeks.



  1. It seems he’s having some issues with where to mix his album. It should be interesting to hear it. He has a nice voice, I just hope it comes across well on the album.

    Comment by Jewish Blogmiester — August 17, 2005 @ 3:04 pm

  2. I’m sure by attaching the name Pey Daled to the album it should do really well! Man, it’s been a while since there has been PD bashing on the web. Should I start again? I know a place he can MIX it, and I can suggest what he mix it with…crap!

    Comment by Anonymous — August 18, 2005 @ 10:30 am

  3. Good Luck to Itsi!!!! from what i know his songs are GREAT. can’t wait to get the albom

    Comment by Anonymous — August 23, 2005 @ 5:34 pm

  4. I know itzi he is fantastic and Im sure he will do very well I wish himm lots of luck and cant wait for the album to come out!!!

    ARI B

    Comment by Anonymous — September 18, 2005 @ 1:27 am

  5. This post has been removed by the author.

    Comment by MusicSoul — February 15, 2006 @ 4:24 am

  6. This post has been removed by the author.

    Comment by MusicSoul — February 15, 2006 @ 4:26 am

  7. good luck, im looking foward to hearing the album when it comes out, itsi does have a nice voice

    Comment by ShiddUCH — March 13, 2006 @ 1:07 am

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