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August 15, 2005

Upcoming Albums

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Itsi Kleinfeld, who *sung* the song “Believe” on Ken Burgess’s album and played a small role in the production of Acapella Kumsitz, is releasing an album very soon.

In his words, “It’s directed in a more diverse way than mainstream- traditional music”. The songs are all composed and performed by Itsi, as well as partially arranged by him. Again in Itsi’s own words, “The entire album, containing approx 12 songs, has a variety [of songs], stretching from English songs to Psalms, from up-beat and driven music to ballads, from inspirational style to easy listening.”

Also, Barry Seff is releasing an album entitled “Pey Dalid”. All I know about this so far is that it will be released within the next couple of weeks.


August 3, 2005

Looking for a Drum Set…

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I’m currently in the market for a drum set. I’m debating a couple of issues:

1) How much should I spend? Should I make a small investment now and when I become professional (hopefully) buy a new set and go through the trouble of selling the old, or should I buy an intermediate-pro set now which looks much better and will last me many years?

2) Should I buy used or new? Although used is cheaper, a new set come with a warranty and the assurance that what I buy is what I get.

If used: Does anybody know of someone selling a decent used drumset?

If new: What brand? Is there really a significant difference between Pearl Export series, Tama Superstar and Yamaha Stage Custom?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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