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July 13, 2005

Crucial RAM Customer Support

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Whenever I have to upgrade RAM, I always buy Crucial simply because they’re the easiest to configure, generally have very good prices and they have free 2-day shipping.

Up until now I always upgraded the RAM in my laptop, which was always a fairly simple process, so I never had to call technical support. Last week I bought RAM for my desktop, and the installation was significantly more difficult than the laptop. Once I figured how to open the desktop case, I attempted to install the RAM but had trouble securing it in place.

I first used Crucial’s online chat tech support and they advised me to call technical support. I called tech support, and my call was answered immediately. This is in comparison to tech support of other companies in which I would wait on hold literally for an hour and still not get a response. The Crucial tech, without asking me for any personal information knew it was me, and addressed me by name. I’m not talking about the addressing by name that companies require their employees to do, such as “Mention the customer’s name in every sentence.” This was actually thoughtful name addressing. This is in contrast to companies that require very specific idenification, and if you’re a little off, they won’t help you. The tech who picked up was American; this was not an out-sourced outift. I described my problem and the tech immediately answered with a thoughful response, as opposed to reading from a pre-written script. When I still had difficulty installing the RAM the tech recommended a course of action which was successful.

But, when I turned the computer on the BIOS gave me a RAM error. So I called tech support again and again was answered immediately. This tech also was very knowledgeable, and he too addressed me by name. I described my problem and he recommended two thoughful courses of action. I mentioned to the tech how I felt that he’s the most knowledgeable tech I’ve ever spoken to, and he responded that he’s built around 100 computers himself. Wow. A customer support person who really knows what he’s talking about.

Unfortunately the RAM never worked so I was transferred to the returns department. The woman who picked up seemed to know exactly what was goinig on in my two previous conversations and addressed me by name as well. I quickly arranged to ship the RAM back at Crucial’s cost.

This is clearly the best customer support experience I have ever had. If you need to upgrade your RAM or whatever else Crucial sells, it’s worth it to buy from them for their customer support.

(What does this have to with music? I upgrade RAM so I can get better performance while using my computer for audio recording and editing.)


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  1. (What does this have to with music? I upgrade RAM so I can get better performance while using my computer for audio recording and editing.)

    Interesting twist 😉

    Comment by Daniel Goldman — July 13, 2005 @ 1:35 pm

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